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Jack Jenkins Cup



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Bringing back a national sporting event for the people of a modern age

This is where the fun begins and ends, with your pride on the line. Take to the starting line with your burlap sack and destroy any opposition in your way. The more people racing, the more fun it is. Tickets for this event will be available at the event.

Jack Jenkins Sackrace Champion


A hundred years ago the sport of Sack racing was one if not the most popular Athletic sporting events that captured the imagination of the Welsh public. With competitions regularly being held throughout the country, there was just one unbeatable opponent at the start of the 20th century which was Cwmafan’s own Jack Jenkins. Jenkins worked as a local tin plate worker who was crowned Champion Sack Runner of Wales. Such was his dominance in the sport he was regularly called upon to carry out sack racing and jumping exhibitions at local and national Gala events.

Such events helped bring normality and welcome relief to the sadness that surrounded the communities of South Wales during the Great War years of 1914-18. A fine example of the resilience of this generation was evident at a sporting event held at Aberavon; a newspaper article on the ‘50 yards wounded soldier’s race’ describes the heroic actions during the war of the eventual winner of the race, Private Charlie Jones a close friend of Jack Jenkins.

Today’s event in 2018 at the RFC Ground hopes to capture some of the community spirit that Cwmafan has shown over the years. If you think you got what it takes to win the Jack Jenkins Cwmafan Fest Cup please register on the 26th of May at Cwmafan Festival.


Jack Jenkins
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