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The legal bit

Yeah, yeah, we know — but it has to be done.
It's pretty simple, but for those who want to make it ambiguous / live dangerously, here's a Tl;Dr

  • Kids need an adult
  • No ID, No alcohol
  • No guns, knifes, drugs, fireworks...basically don't bring anything that shoots or can hurt people
  • We can and will search you (mainly bags, but if you're lucky, you might get a full body "massage")

CwmafanFest | Entry Policy

  • Entry/exit searches and the right to search whilst inside the venue is a condition of entry. Entry search is mandatory.
  • CwmafanFest operates a zero tolerance policy to drugs including "legal highs". Anyone found with illegal drugs will be banned from CwmafanFest and reported to the police. We will have drug disposal bins in the queues so you can deposit any drugs you may have with you.
  • Anyone found to be in possession of a weapon will be banned from CwmafanFest and the police will be informed.
  • Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult holding a festival ticket. ID may be required on entry as proof of age (2 children per paying adult)
  • We operate a Challenge 25 policy on all sales by retail of alcohol. If you are lucky enough to look under 25 you may be asked for ID: strictly no ID, no purchase of alcohol.
  • It is a criminal offence to buy alcohol on behalf of a child. Any persons caught doing so will be reported to the police. Guardians of children attempting to purchase alcohol will be removed from the premises.
  • We only accept a valid passport, foreign national ID cards, driving license or home office approved PASS hologram as identification and/or proof of age. We only accept originals, we do not accept photocopies.
  • No food or drink purchased outside CwmafanFest is to be brought onto the premises.
  • There is no camping at CwmafanFest. Gazebos under 3metres by 3metres and foldable camping chairs are permitted, subject to available space in designated areas, and are subject to search on entry.

CwmafanFest | General Terms & Conditions

  • Management reserve the right to refuse entry.
  • Our staff are authorised to refuse admission to the festival and reserve the right to do so if in their absolute judgment it is likely that you are to disrupt or disturb other persons attending the festival.
  • We have a zero tolerance in regards to any threat towards staff. Any public heard using abusive language, seen using threatening behaviour or are intoxicated to the level where it causes distress to others will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
  • We reserve the right to alter or vary the performance / event due to events or circumstances beyond the venue’s control. This does not affect your statutory rights.
  • Whilst every effort is made to describe the performance we cannot guarantee that your personal expectations from a performer or a performance will be met.
  • CwmafanFest cannot guarantee that the language, conduct or appearance of any performer will not offend you.
  • Recordings of visitors at our venues - We, or 3rd parties authorised by us, may carry out film and sound recordings during, before or after performances and/or inside or outside our premises. By purchasing tickets from us you consent to you and any persons (including any children) who may accompany you, being included in commercial marketing and promotional purposes. We will not make any payment to you in respect of your inclusion in such recordings.
  • Alterations to the advertised programme - Tickets are sold subject to our right to alter cost, programme and arrangements. Wherever possible, effort will be made to inform of any advertised changes prior to the event on the venue’s website and social media - but not guaranteed, in such instance no refund will be given.
  • CwmafanFest will only be liable to you for direct and foreseeable losses arising as a result of: a breach of these terms and conditions; or any negligent act arising under or in connection with the Contract save for liability in respect of death of personal injury.

CwmafanFest | Ticketing

  • All tickets are subject to availability and a Ticket Levy at point of purchase, including tickets purchased on the day if available.
  • Every member of the audience must be in possession of a valid ticket. Altered or defaced tickets will not be valid.
  • It is a condition of sale in respect of all tickets that a ticket is only valid for admission to the performance it was booked for. At no time must the ticket be sold at a higher price than that price paid for at CwmafanFest Box Offices.
  • Confirmation of receipt of your order by e-mail, does not guarantee the ticket sale (internet sales only). Please bring your printed ticket to the event.
  • With the exception of a cancellation of CwmafanFest on ‘our ‘ part no refund or part thereof is available after a ticket is purchased.
  • If you need to change any details relating to your booking once it has completed it is “your” responsibility to inform CwmafanFest.
  • Duplicate tickets will not be provided in the case of a loss of the original ticket relating to a third party event.
  • All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you have re-sold your ticket for commercial gain the holder of the ticket will be refused admission.

CwmafanFest | Ticket Prices

  • Ticket purchases may be subject to handling charges and/or postal charges, which are detailed on ticket office websites.
  • Ticket prices are subject to change at anytime, but changes will not affect orders in respect of which we have sent out except in the case of an obvious error.
  • All prices set are inclusive of any applicable taxes but exclusive of any administration/ booking fee or delivery fee.

CwmafanFest | Prohibited Items

  • The following articles must not be brought within the Ground: knives, fireworks, smoke canisters, air-horns, flares, weapons, dangerous or hazardous items, laser devices, bottles, glass vessels, cans, poles and any article that might be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety.
  • Any person in possession of such items will be refused entry to the Ground.
  • Any article that might be used as a weapon, be deemed to be offensive or abusive, or compromise public safety, will be confiscated and or reported to the police.
  • Dangerous or hazardous items, illegal substances, explosives or ammunition; fireworks, knives, blades or other weapons, firearms, Laser devices, smoke canisters, signs or items with corporate or inappropriate branding, illegal charity collection utensils, hampers and cold boxes, air horns and animals (except service dogs & guide dogs).

CwmafanFest | Lost Property

  • During the event lost property will be held at the ticket station located at the main entrance.
  • After the event, please e-mail with the details of the lost item and your contact details and we will follow up.
  • Any ID and/or Bank Cards found will be handed in to South Wales Police.

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